Weekly Blackboard Calendar Decal   


PREPARATION: Before you start you need a smooth, dry & clean surface, we recommend using alcohol based cleaner. WARNING: If you do not clean & dry the surface the sticker may not stick, we recommend testing the surface before applying large areas of sticker.

PLAN YOUR DESIGN: Decide where you want to place your sticker, you will need a wall space no less than 500mm x 750mm for the WEEKLY or MONTHLY Calendar Decals. Using a tape measure and level during this step may be helpful. You can use masking tape or blue tack to hold it in place until you are happy with the design.

APPLICATION: Remove the backing paper, start at one corner and peel slowly – this leaves the sticky side of your image and the transfer tape. Some intricate patterns may want to stick to the backing, simply stop peeling, roll back & repress onto the transfer tape.

Now apply the sticker to your desired surface - to avoid wrinkles & bubbling, rub on with a soft cloth in a circular motion.

FINISHING:  Slowly remove the transfer tape, start at one corner, slowly roll the transfer tape back on to itself, this keeps the pressure on the sticker while the tape is being removed. Make sure that the sticker does not peel away with the transfer tape, if it does, place transfer tape back on the surface and rub again with cloth to assure the sticker sticks to the surface, continue removing the transfer tape. You can also tear the transfer tape and remove one strip at a time. Now smooth over again with a clean cloth (make sure that the sticker is well stuck to the surface.)

READY TO USE: Suitable for use with normal or liquid chalk markers. If using liquid chalk use wet cloth or spray and wipe to remove. If using liquid chalk clean on a regular basis to avoid ink ghosting.



Just peel it off – that's it! TIP – use a hair dryer to apply heat and the edges will peel up making it easier to remove.

All stickers are made from a high quality indoor removable vinyl, however due to variations in wall surfaces, temperature, sunlight etc - we cannot be held responsible for any damaged surfaces, or stickers not sticking to unprepared or rough surfaces.




WARNING Make sure you clean and dry the wall prior to applying the sticker, otherwise dust may prevent the sticker from sticking to your desired surface.


Suitable Surfaces: Painted Smooth Walls, Glass, Mirrors, Tiles, Splash-backs, other smooth surfaces! The smoother the surface the better the stick! Not recommended for use on wallpaper or other porous surfaces.


This vinyl works great with liquid chalk markers, or normal chalk.


HANDY TOOLS: Alcohol based cleaner, dry clean cloth, scissors or craft knife


Permanent Removal: Apply heat with a Hair dryer to re-activate the adhesive, then peel

slowly back onto itself, if hard to remove apply more heat to vinyl.

 Weekly Blackboard Calendar Decal  



































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